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Friday, March 11, 2011

New Port In

Avery had surgery at noon today to replace the port that was malfunctioning. The surgery went well and they were very pleased with the results. They did have to move the port to the other side of her chest unfortunately, but at least the right side will have some time to heal then. We have started the count down again until a bath and swimming can be achieved. Today is day one -- we have to wait till day 14. The port was unfortunately broken when it was accessed at some point this week. They put a titanium one in this time, so we won't have that problem again.

Avery seems to be unphased by today's events, all though she milked it for all she was worth right after she woke up in recovery. She pulled the sad face and whined a little bit and literally the moment we walked back into her room she lit up like a Christmas tree and wanted to play. Really kid? Seriously? I think we are going to have a problem here as she gets older.

The plan is to do another 24 hours of fluid and then we should be discharged tomorrow evening. We are really excited to get out and maybe enjoy some of the sunshine we missed today. Then we watch as her counts drop and slowly come back up. I'm sure next week will include a transfusion or two, since we already had a transfusion last night of blood. Hopefully she will continue to feel good through the next 2 weeks and her eating will continue. We are definitely done with the Old People Milk. The bottle has lost it's luster and we have moved on to strictly big girl cups. Her favorite is the 28 oz glass with the mega straw that they give patients at the hospital. She now has her own glass and it's almost as big as she is. Whatever makes her happy - right?


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