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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Mother Just Knows....

Well -- it's 2:35 am right now and yes...we are back in the hospital with a fever...

Not to say we are surprised, cause really we aren't -- I mean we didn't say our goodbyes when we left last week -- kinda figured we'd end up here before the month was over. We took Avery in for blood yesterday. She was low and whiney and we decided spending a Sunday together as a family at the hospital beats just me and her going on Monday. After filling up her tanks and leaving at 7:30 pm on one of the nicest days yet - we took her home and noticed her favoring a certain part of her body that most of us are pretty hard on. Her BUM is broken people. So this morning I called the pediatrician, concerned we may have hemorrhoids...and took her in. We discovered she had instead, a rather large tear in her pooper. How awful this must feel I am be constipated, nauseous, weak and broken tooshie all at the same time...I mean really at this point the only thing that could make it worse is a tooth coming in....ok maybe there are a few other things that could make it worse but you get my point. She is in agonizing pain and there's not a thing we can really do about it. They gave us some litacain - numbing cream to put on it, but the effects are short lived and we can only do it three times a day.

I told both Nikki and Jeremy that we would be in here by the end of the week for sure and look at that - 6 hours later that's exactly where we are. How can you not expect to get a fever when you have a hole in your hiney, right next to the most bacteria infected place...other than your mouth? It was inevitable. So be it...

Fever spiked pretty high and they put her on tylenol for that, 3 antibiotics to cover their bases entirely, and then they loaded her up with the good stuff - Morphine to get rid of the pain in her ass....literally. Right now we have a slew of nurses and residents trapesing through her room as they attempt to readjust the "blow by" in front of her face. She hates this thing and twists her head every time they reposition. At some point they are going to put the cannula in and she hates that even more. Understandably as crap up your nose isn't always pleasant. Her oxygen saturation is low and her blood pressure is as well so they are pumping her full of fluids and monitoring her closely. She just wants to be left alone and I can't blame her. We are in for a long night for sure, but we'll get through it - especially with the good drugs...

They just informed me that they may move her to the PICU. Apparently the fluids they have given aren't helping her blood pressure and they may need to try new meds to bring that up - all of which would require the PICU... We'll see.

Please pray for an upturn in events and fast healing in her bottom -



  1. Hi Jenn,
    I'm a friend of a friend (of a get the idea!) My daughter is a nearly 10 year survivor of nbIV. She is a 3F8 graduate as well. Praying for your Avery. And if there is anything I can do, or any info I can share, please feel free to contact me.

  2. Jenn and Jeremy, I am praying for Avery Anne! Please remember that Avery is in God's hands and the physicians and nurses will do everything they can to help her overcome her infection and boost her immune system.
    Peace and Love, Auntie Lori and Bob