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Friday, March 4, 2011

Chemo Pushed Again

Tried again today -- 4th time. No go - she is still sitting in the 400 range and we need her to be above 500 to be admitted. We'll try again on Monday. In the mean time, Avery is having a ball and going strong. She is all over the house and has major opinions on everything. We have definitely hit the terrible two's! This girl knows exactly what she wants to do and when she wants to do it and if you are not on board -- you are going to hear about it!

We lost a friend this week but added a new member to Team Avery in heaven. Please keep the Hughes family in your prayers this week. Candy was an amazing woman and a very strong fighter. She will be missed by many.

Nana is arriving tomorrow and we can't wait! We get a whole week of Nana time and we both need it...Unfortunately we most likely will spend the entire week in-patient but Nana is good at entertaining us up there so that's ok.

Other than that, we are still waiting on word from NY on a start date for the new treatment. St Jude has bumped back our next MRI/LP and Ommaya surgery to the first week in April, so we know we won't be headed to NY until after that. So for now we wait. Avery seems to be doing great with her PT and we have seen some progress in her pushing up to stand. She of course isn't standing on her own yet, but she may be getting closer.


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