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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Last Day Excitement

Today was supposed to be Avery's last day of chemo -- forever - for the near future -- for now...but regardless it was the last one planned for her at this point in time. This is the first time we truly have been able to say that, as we had maintenance chemo for 6 months after the last bout of chemo. Unfortunately, someone had another plan.

This afternoon after her Cyclo had run we noticed blood on her t shirt. This was coming from her port site and was concerning. They removed the needle and set us up with a regular line and then scheduled us for a quick dye scan to see what was going on. The ladies from the inter- vascular division came up and poked her twice - both times she didn't make a peep, and found a good vein in her hand so we could resume the fluids to flush out the chemo. We then took her down to the radiology department and flushed dye through the port and took pictures. It was discovered that her port line had a hole somewhere and that it needed to be replaced. Luckily, we were able to sneak onto the schedule tomorrow at noon and then we can finish the very last dose of chemo that she didn't get today. We will then need to stay for 24 hours of fluid so our Friday break out day - has now turned to Saturday. Nothing in the big scheme of things and something we will gladly take if it helps us in the long run. She will need to be knocked out again for surgery tomorrow, so she won't be her wild and crazy self this weekend. Luckily Nana is still here and waiting for some snuggles and rocks that she will most definitely get.

Biggest disappointment is that the new swimsuits will not be put to use quite yet...her steristrips had finally fallen off...the port access was almost done...and the swimming pool was calling our names. I guess it will just have to wait a bit longer!

This little girl never ceases to amaze us....the only tears that fell were from being overly tired after being stuck with needles 3 times this afternoon and lain on a hard table with a huge box in front of her face for xrays....even then, it was only a few and never a sound. I can't even make it through the singing at church without crying - good lord. How ever did we produce such a strong little person - I will never know. She has carried Jeremy and I through this experience and we are so humbled by her daily. Kiss your kids people...


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