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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


It's official....our last round of chemo FINALLY started on Monday. We honestly couldn't have told you whether or not we would have made it in. Just when you think you know the chemo and the cancer and your child -- wham! it changes... But luckily after some dramatics surrounding the politics of who could draw blood and drop it off at the lab, we got the call we have been waiting for for 2 weeks -- Avery made counts! So off we went to the clinic at 3pm where we promptly sat for an hour and a half, starting pre fluids, pre meds and even the chemo, before they moved us up to 4 Henson. Course when we moved up there we were put into the transfusion room while we waited for a room to be cleaned....finally after an hour of that I asked what the hold up was and they said waiting on a crib. A CRIB?? You mean to tell me that Nana and I have been entertaining her in a common room while you look for a bed? I don't need the bed at 6 pm for God's sake! Just let us in the room so she can play. I swear....some people's children....

Anyway, point being we have finished day 2 of the 5 day course and couldn't be happier. She was good today, although she went to bed really 7:30 early. We all know that isn't normal -- I mean last night she refused to go to bed at 10:30 and was throwing a fit every time we laid her back down in bed. Crazy - but I do suppose those chemo meds mess with the body pretty early into your 6th round (or 10th for the year) of chemo. We will most likely be in for a slow to rebound count game again this month and her energy level may stay a little low for a bit longer, but bottom line is it will come back up and we'll move on to our next weapon.

Avery has been talking a lot more in the last few weeks. Something we are very excited to hear. She can of course say Daddy and Jersey (the dog) and we even heard a few Nana's yesterday... what she can't say is MOM - MOMMY - MOMMA - or MA....she calls me DAH. Really? I gave birth to you....fed you......gave you thick, beautiful hair(when you aren't bald)....dress you all cute for your boyfriends and you can't say mommy? Seriously?

We are anxiously awaiting the approach of a swimming pool as our steri strips fell off this week and the chemo is done this week and then counts will come up soon...I even purchased a new "mommy" bathing suit that was a little more appropriate for wearing around lots of kids. Jeremy vehemently said no to the One Piece indicating that I was too young to wear that. However, notice at 26 he told me I was too old to have a belly button ring. Really I can't win.

The next few days should be pretty simple and we expect them to go by quickly, especially with Nana around for entertainment. There was a short period of time last night where the nursing staff put us into ISOLATION by accident and we very sweetly told them to take us out or I might start a riot in the hallway...needless to say it was fixed rather quickly.

Lastly, thanks to all the friends that were able to make it to the house tonight for the Rendi Party. It was nice to see everyone and get a chance to hang out for a bit. For anyone that wasn't able to attend, or was just is the website: The party will be open through Sunday and there is a buy 2 get one half price deal. These are adorable wooden frames and wall hangings that can be personalized for you. They range from $20-50 a piece and make great wedding or baby gifts. Let me know if you have any questions - all you need to do is get on the website and order directly from there. The party number is 165 but she doesn't have any parties open right now except mine, so no worries if you forget. My email is if you want more info.

Thanks for all your continued prayers and support....let's hope this one is smooth and quick and that she recovers without any additional issues!


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  1. Love the post, it made me laugh out loud (at work) and smile! God bless you all!