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Thursday, July 26, 2012

We apologize for the delay in updates. The Internet wasn't working on Tuesday night for some reason. Scan results weren't exactly what we were hoping for but they could have been worse. There are 3 areas of concern that the Drs would like to watch more closely. As a result, they would like to rescan her in 4 weeks rather than 3 months. Beacause Avery has had prior radiation in her tumor bed, they are concerned with the possibility of tissue necrosis on top of new cells and tumors. We are in fairly new territory for all of them and the bottom line is that they just can't tell what every little blip may be on her scans. Full cranial radiation after proton radiation to the area is not common and we know it comes with more questions than answers. Our hope is that these small changes in her imaging are simple radiation weirdness and that we'll watch them just to be safe. In reality, we know that they could be so much more. Time is the only thing that will give those answers to again we wait and see. Obviously 4 weeks from now I won't be able to travel so Avery and Jeremy will fly down to Memphis for the scans and hopefully come back that same day. Results take a day to be read so we'll discuss them with our Drs the following day. The next 4 weeks are going to drag and be full of anxiety for us. I am not looking forward to the heavy feeling that comes with this type of dread. I honestly hope that none of you ever have to live through the torture that a cancer parent experiences on a constant basis. There are times in which I don't know how we survive it. On a high note, nothing like ending the trip in style...Jeremy went to the minute clinic this morning and discovered he has Strep Throat. Seriously!? Like an immuno compromised cancer kid and a 33 week preggers lady need that! Needless to say he has been banished to the basement and guest room. Thank God Nana is coming to take care of us this weekend. Jenn

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