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Sunday, July 15, 2012

UTI #5

Well never fails...a weekend comes...and so does a trip to the Urgent Care.  Avery was on an antibiotic to clear up the last UTI she had and we kept her on it after the first 10 days were done at a really low dose.  That finished out on Wednesday and on Friday evening she started to complain about her Pee Pee hurting again.  We met with her Urologist on July 5th and he put her on a bladder spasm drug.  She has been on  that med for the last week.  Obviously bladder spasms are not the issue.  So back on the antibiotic we went today.  Poor kid is so sick of this cycle and so are we.  The antibiotic makes her not want to eat and we have to keep her on Zolfran to get anything down her.  She's lost a few pounds in the last 2 months and while she isn't too skinny, she surely can't afford to lose any more, especially now that she is growing.

She was just getting her spunk and attitude back and we were hoping to see a jump in her ANC.  She is bruised from head to toe and now her poor immune system is fighting another infection.  I swear its a never ending circle.  On a high note, we took her to an Urgent Care this am, got a UA done in the first 15 mins, an antibiotic prescribed 5 mins later and we were out the door within 45 mins of our arrival.  Now we'll have to wait and see what grows out of the UA specifically and see what Urologist wants to do moving forward.

Gearing up for a hot week this week which is miserable for all of us, especially Avery.  She doesn't seem to do very well with the heat and humidity so we try to keep her in the air conditioning all day.  I can say my tootsies and big belly are not looking forward to it either.  I can't even imagine how Jeremy and his coworkers do it all day long.  Good luck staying cool this week!

We'll keep you posted on the PEE PEE Front when we know more.

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  1. Avery is a brave little girl and an inspiration to all. The unbelievable heat is hard on your whole family! Take it easy! MapleJo loves swimming but misses you all! She sends Avery butterfly kisses!! Auntie Lori and Bob in Minnesota