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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Weight loss before the holidays

Avery's still experiencing the runs...poor kids bottom is red as an apple. Her appetite is non existent and for once her glucose was so low they had to give her sugar water! How this sweets addicted kid has low sugar is beyond me. The nurses literally handed me a pixie stick to dump down her throat until the IV kicked in with the sugar water.

Today we had her labs checked again to make sure her electrolytes were in order and she was good. She's been weak and snugly though so it makes us think things are still not back to par. This diahrea is really the pits for us all....lots of laundry, multiple outfit changes and a really sore Tooshie. Last month it was around for about a week so hopefully by Saturday we'll see an improvement. In the mean time, Avery has dropped from 28 lbs to just under 26 and that has us a little concerned. Back to the old people milk we so depended on to maintain her weight while we were at St Jude.

Speaking's that time again. Shopping time that is. Many people have asked us what retailers are big supporters of St Jude so here are some recommended places to spend your money this shopping season:

Williams and Sonoma
Kay Jewlers
Dicks Sporting Goods
Old Navy
Crazy Eights
Nine West
Auto Zone
West Elm
Pottery Barn
New York & Company
Charlotte Russe
Ticket Master
Dollar General
Brooks Brothers
Anne Klein
American Airlines
Anne Taylor

And then of course after a long day of shopping...feel free to grab a bite to eat at one of these fine establishments!

Dominoes Pizza
The Fox & The Hound
The Melting Pot

Beer should be Miller or Coors...unfortunately Budweiser is not on the list...might have to switch beers in this house. There are other places as well...just look for the light green "Give Thanks" campaign symbol while you are out and about. Thank you all for your support!! The kids of St Jude and more importantly us parents thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. Without donations like these, this awful journey could be easily worse when coupled with the stress of finances and costs. I hope none of you ever fully understand what I mean...



  1. If you've never heard of Bag Balm (its in a green tin), all my mom friends SWEAR by it for raw butts. I'm not sure if Wal-Mart has it, but I'm pretty sure my sister found it at CVS or Walgreens. Its TOTALLY worth a shot!

  2. Love and peaceful prayers to you and your family during this difficult time. God hears your prayers and feels your pain in ways that we will never understand on earth.

  3. My heart aches for Avery....I know the pain.

  4. How does the shopping through those retailers get money to St Judes? Kary Allen (friend of Amber Cameron.)