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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Round 2

Round 2 of this new clinical trial has been slightly bumpier than we expected.  Chemo was Monday through Friday and she seemed to do just fine with it.  Her appetite has been terrible since we started round 1 and it definitely has not improved with Chemo this week.  Yesterday was a bit rough for Avery and Daddy while I was at work.  The chemo she is on causes the runs and it kicked in yesterday.  By the time I got home she had had 3 baths and 4 outfit changes.  Needless to say the rest of evening was similar but became even more fun when we added projectile vomiting.  Poor kid couldn't keep anything down and just kept begging for water.  Then she'd puke it back up.  We broke down and gave her the Benadryl which of course resulted in a hyper little girl that still wanted WATER. 

This morning we thought we'd gotten past it as she seemed to be in a great mood.  She did really well until this afternoon when the runny poo started again.  Luckily we have managed to get her on the big girl potty half the time which results in a lot less mess and less outfit changes.  Other than that she appears to be feeling fine and even spent the afternoon playing outside with Emma & Lauren from next door.  How crazy is it that it's Nov 13th and it was 64 degrees out today? 

Like normal...the holidays are fast approaching and we find ourselves wondering what this year end will be like.  December 1st Avery will have her next MRI here in Kansas City.  We are praying that this MRI shows no growth in her tumors and no additional tumors present.  After this MRI Jeremy and I will need to decide how to move forward with her treatment.  At this point we are looking at all possible options and weighing the pros and cons out.  We once again are finding ourselves in a tough position, attempting to make the right choices for our daughter.  Please pray that we make the right decisions and have no regrets as we continue down this road.  Please pray for positive test results and minimal side affects for Avery with the rest of this round. 


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  1. I am so sorry Avery is so sick with this treatment. I pray daily for her to feel better so she can play with her friends and that you and Jeremy continue to be strong during this fight. You are amazing parents Jen. Continue to believe in yourselves and God will walk with you during this journey.

    We love you all!

    Aunt Patty