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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Disney World

Disney World was absolutely amazing!  Avery loved every single minute of it and we are so incredibly grateful to the Make a Wish Foundation, the Give Kids the World Resort and the rest of the teams that made this trip an unfogetable one for our family.  We are so lucky to have also had fantastic friends and family join us to make the memories that much more special...thank you Harper, Chance, Alex and Oliver for coming with us!  And also a big thank you to our friends the Parkers for driving all the way down from Jacksonville to see us.  It was fantastic to spend some time -- outside the hospital -- with all of them.

Avery starts chemo again on Monday -- 5 days in a row, this will be round 2.  Sadly her hair is falling out most of the pictures it looks wild and crazy because when it falls out it gets a bit of a lift to it and drops like a lab shedding his winter coat.  We are so sad to see it go -- that curly hair was really making us giggle.  Please pray we have no problems with this next round and that it does what we need it to do.


Jenn, Jeremy & Avery


  1. What a cutie! We are praying and thinking about all of you everyday.

  2. The pictures show how much fun all of you had and the great memories for everyone! Avery is beautiful with or without hair. We are praying hard for all of you.

    Love, Aunt Patty and Uncle Scott

  3. Those are beautiful pictures! We're glad you all had a great time! We have been saying prayers for Avery every night- the boys ask about her every day! We'll be thinking about you guys and continue praying...A.J., Ty and Aaron Quisenberry

  4. Jen - it looks like she had an amazing time at Disney World! I'm so happy you all had a great experience there! I continue to pray for your family everyday and will be sending extra special vibes that everything goes well on Monday. Avery is so inspiring and I've made joy out of everyday I'm blessed with in the hopes that she is blessed with even more!

  5. Jen I pray for a miracle every day, I am so glad that Avery had a good time, she looked just like a princess in her dress. Avery is a fighter and we are all fighting behind the lines with her in our prayers. God bless your family.

  6. I love all the great photos! I also am thrilled to see her beautiful hair. You are an amazing family! Keep the faith! Lots of prayers and love-Auntie Lori and Uncle Bob &Maple Jo &Jeremy BlackJack

  7. She finally met "Tangled"!! :) I hope your trip was amazing just like she is and y'all are! Continuously praying for you everyday.

  8. What a cutie. You all look like you had a great time. We are praying and thinking about all of you everyday.
    By the way Our friends who live in Florida and their grandson, who has autism, were also there at the same time with make a wish foundation. Loved the place.

    God Bless and be with you all through this next go around.

    Keith and Diane

  9. Thinking of you and your family. I'm so glad to hear that you all had such fun in all certainly deserve it!!! I wish I could be of more assistance than just a donation to the fund, but I hope it helps a little. You guys have been through more in the past few years than any young couple should and I am continually amazed by your strength, faith and passion for your children. Take care of each other and know that there are others who are thinking of you.