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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Today wasn't much better...Avery had a low grade fever throughout the night and woke up with it this morning. We had labs and 7 am and then went back for her surgery prep. After talking to the Dr's and taking cultures for labs the surgeon decided he wasn't comfortable doing the surgery. So after some more messing around, some antibiotics, and getting hooked up to fluids we called it a day. She is exhausted and spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping...and is sleeping still now. On top of having the fever, she is constipated from her pain meds and has some congestion. Good news is her mouth seems to be feeling a little better. The Dentist said things look good in there so we should be ok moving forward with her toothless smile....although we have yet to see that smile.

At this point we are continuing to monitor the fever and have given her another dose of Tylenol to help with that. Since she is not Neutropenic, we are not required to go inpatient with a fever so we just need to keep a close eye on her. Needless to say we aren't sleeping very well with that worry on our hands. Hopefully she will kick this thing tonight and be back to her feisty self in the morning. Tomorrow we have rescheduled her hearing test which requires sedation - we are hoping that will still be done as the chemo she is on has a high probability of causing further hearing loss and we'd like to stay on top of that. Friday is still the MRI - 11:45 am start time and 4 pm finish time. We are hoping to get preliminary results prior to leaving, but we will see if that happens. Friday afternoons in a hospital....

Thanks for the continued prayers this week -- it's definitely turning into a much more stressful week than we had anticipated.

Jeremy & Jenn

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