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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year - New Passing

It's amazing what a year can do....the bottom picture is Avery shortly after having her brain surgery on New Year's Eve 2009. The top picture was taken on Christmas Day 2010. Our baby is no longer a baby...

As much as we were hoping for a 2011 filled with terrific news and fabulous memories, I am sad to say that we are not starting out that way. This morning my Grandfather Zeglin passed. He had fallen into the darkness of dementia, so in a way I suppose this was a blessing for him. But to those that are left behind it is always the hardest. He was Father to 6 children, Grandfather to almost a dozen grandchildren and Great Grandfather to 3 - one of which is Miss Avery. He will be missed by many.

That makes the count now 3 - we have lost 3 grandparents between us in the last 12 months. I am pretty sure Jeremy and I are at our max. Our hope is that once again God has recruited the help of our beloved grandparents to watch over Avery and us as we continue down this rough road. Team Avery in Heaven has quite the numbers now and there is no way to argue with that.

Services will most likely be on Monday, which will require me to travel to the frozen Tundra for the weekend. Obviously not my choice of time to go up to Minnesota. First off, it's colder than crap up there right now, not to mention the FEET of snow they have. I mean really -- no one likes 30 inches of snow except 10 year olds in snowpants....and even then unless you have plastic bags to put inside your boots, tucked into your long undies under the 3 layers of clothes you have on under your snowpants...I mean don't even try to go outside...and yes I know how to drive a snowblower. I mean how is Jersey Anne going to go to the bathroom? 2nd, Avery is neutropenic which means counts are 0 and a fever means the hospital. Oh and did I mention she is teething? Seriously.

Avery has been in great spirits the last few days although she has discovered the art of tantrum throwing and whining. She has made some definite decisions about what she does and does not want to do and if you attempt otherwise - WATCHOUT! She has been working really hard on walking and bending her knees and moving around the house. She has also learned how to give bear hugs -- with sound affects and all. It's hysterical to watch and even better to get one. We have been busy planning her 2nd birthday party. This will be a full-on kid event with adults as observers only. We are very excited to let her for once just be a kid....although same rules apply in terms of hand washing and being sick...

We managed to get the Christmas decorations down and put away - which was nice. Last year Nana and GJ had to do it all - which made for fun this year when I went to pull them out again. Avery was a great helper and had just as much fun taking them down as she did putting them up. I can only hope that continues every year! Jeremy went back to work today after being home with us the last 2 weeks. I think it was just as hard on him as it was on us. It had been a nice 2 weeks having him here all day with us. Luckily we won't be going back in patient until the beginning of February so we will have some time to recoup and really get her counts back up.

As we won't be here on Sunday to attend a benefit for our friend Quinten, I'd like to share the info with everyone. The benefit is at Llywelyns Pub at 6995 151st st. in OP. 15% of all food proceeds and all bar tips will be going to the family. They will have a silent auction and the band "Goverment Cheese" will be playing from 8-10pm. The benefit starts at 6pm so if you don't have any plans for dinner and would like to stop in, please do so. Remember part of the nights sales will go to benefit this family so a simple night of eating out could really help. Quinten and his parents are just beginning this journey and could use all the support they could get. To read more about Quinten's Battle check out or go to his Caring Bridge site - Quinten Dopson.

Happy New Year everyone!


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