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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back from the Frozen Tundra

Avery and I finally made it back from the Frozen Tundra today. Just in time for a stop at the clinic for some platelets and boy did she need those. Bruising up worse than a 2 week old apple, it was a much needed refill for her as her platelet count was at 8. (desirable levels range in the 200-400 ballpark) We spent the night in Des Moines as the roads weren't the best yesterday. Nice thing was we got to see all our Iowa girls and that was some much needed girl time.

The weekend at Nana's was a cold one and I started to remember why we love Kansas City. Have you ever stood outside for a funeral in below zero temperatures while it snows on you? It's ridiculous. The services were nice and it was great to see the Zeglin side of my family. We haven't been to Minnesota since Avery was diagnosed. Although she wasn't able to see everyone (low counts) it was good that she saw some of our family and friends. We hope to make it back up there after all her chemo rounds are completed this spring so that we can see all our amazing supporters. Although we may wait till all that snow finally melts. They have over 30 inches on the ground - OMG.

The rest of this week will be pretty low key. Avery is in a great mood and seems to be full of energy so we'll be harnessing that as much as we can into some physical therapy and lots of walking. Although we'll be stuck inside with the walker, we may be able to gain some miles in daddy's man cave.... I also have a lot of sewing to do for Avery's Party which is less than 2 weeks away. So hard to believe she is almost 2 years old. We are also anticipating the arrival of Nana again, although we had our weekend fix so we won't be so on edge waiting for her to arrive. On Saturday we have big plans to go see Elmo Live! Our buddy Harper is coming too and we can't wait. However Mommy didn't consider the fact that Avery has no idea who Elmo is, so thanks to Nana, we have some reading/dvd's/toys to be studying this week. That way when Saturday arrives we will definitely think Elmo Live is awesome.

Jeremy says the benefit for Quinten on Sunday was great! Thanks to all of you that made it out there to support them. Quinten starts his 2nd round of chemo this week, so please keep the Dopsons in your prayers again. Q's hair started to fall out so now him and Avery are baldies together!

I sure hope everyone had a great couple of snow days -- I know how much snow puts a rut in the flow of things here in KC. I am however, happy we have some finally so we can make some use out of the Carharts that Uncle Jason got Avery. Tomorrow we plan to bundle her up and toss her in it - see what she thinks. I've been telling her for the last 3 days that the snow is kinda like sand only cold...if you remember she wasn't a big fan of sand the first couple of times we went to the beach. We'll see what kind of reaction the snow gets tomorrow!


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  1. We LOVED having you stop in for a visit! So great to see you and Miss Avery!