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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Elmo Live

We took Avery to see the Elmo Live show at the Sprint Center and let me tell you she absolutely loved it. While she refused to sit on anyone's lap or even in her chair -- she was totally content to stand up and bounce. She loved watching all the kids around us and she loved the music. She and her buddy Harper had so much fun. We have been trying to teach her to jump and so we make her bend her knees and crouch down and then we say jump and lift her up. She doesn't quite get the actual jumping part but she thinks its fun. So today she spent the whole time bouncing up and down in front of us, mimicking that process. She was furious when we attempted to pick her up and wanted nothing to do with Jeremy or I. It was great.

We took Avery out into the snow yesterday -- she hated it of course. She refuses to actually wear her mittens, although she will spend 20 minutes putting them on and pulling them off. We let her ride her Barbie 4 wheeler again, which of course meant daddy taped the button down and we coaxed Jersey into running ahead of her so she would chase her. It's amazing how much she loves that dog -- especially when the dog really doesn't care much for her. I think she would spend all day chasing her if we let her. I was yelling at Jersey to stop her barking yesterday and I swear - plain as day, Avery shouts out "Jersey Stop!" Then she points her finger at her and scolds her. Seriously.

Nana comes tomorrow and Avery is pumped. While we were in MN we discovered a new favorite....Nana. I picked her up after she crashed and burned on her push toy and she promptly refused me and nose dived for Nana. Are you freaking kidding me? Nana spoils her of course and she has figured out the pros of that situation - not that I can blame her. She will spend the week with us and then be here for the big party on Saturday.

A fantastic thing happened yesterday and I wanted to share it with all of you. Our friends from St Jude -- the Parkers, more specifically Megan, got the best news ever! NED - NO EVIDENCE of DISEASE on her MRI. Megan just finished the chemo regimen that both her and Avery were on until we had our recurrence in October. She is officially done with treatment and all signs are good for cancer free. She is a little fighter and still has some set backs to overcome, but that nasty cancer in her head is gone!!! We couldn't be more happy for them and wanted you all to include them in your prayers this week as they have been on this long road with us. They have been a huge help to Jeremy and I in terms of coping and we are very lucky to have met them.

A huge thank you also goes out to the ladies on Team Lucy. These wonderful women decided to put together a ton of meals for not only us, but 2 other families dealing with sick kiddos. These ladies took a night away from their families to put these together and it means so much. The generosity that shows up in situations like this is so amazing not only to receive but also to see. Lucy's mom told me the one thing she was afraid was going to happen without Lucy here with us was that all this amazing generosity and caring for people would stop. I think it's safe to say that this ugly fight simply wakes most of us up to what should have been doing all along. Jeremy and I will forever be a Partner in Hope for St Jude, as well as active in benefits, crisis coping, friends in need, and other families experiencing this horrendous path. I think this was a huge eye opener for us as to what we were missing out on by not being a part of this amazingness. Someday we won't need to be the receivers of so much support....and when that day comes, we plan on being the best supporters of others we can. We've seen first hand what a simple note from someone I don't know can do...a meal, a book, a prayer, an email, a necklace, a care package, a date night, groceries, a hug. When family supports you - well lets be honest -- you expect it. When a friend of a friend, a neighbor you've barely met, someone's sister you don't know, a co-worker from another state, a random person on the other side of the country sends you a message, a card, a donation, a picture of them in Team Avery gear, a story, a website, a whatever -- well it just shocks you. How could our family make them stop their busy lives to do something for us .....that right there people is what makes us human. And that is what Lucy's mom was talking about. So thank you ladies of Team Lucy....

Well, It's late and I have a lot of Birthday Party work to work on in the morning... I will post some pictures of the last few weeks soon...



  1. Jenn, I'm one of the strangers but grew up in SW Iowa so feel a connection. Saw your family's situation on fb a few months ago and have been following and praying ever since. You all are inspiring and love your writing style by the way!

  2. Yeah for Megan! Can't wait to hear NED for Avery.

    I wished I lived closer to you guys, Jenn. I would love to be able to help you out in person, but I'm in frigid northeast Iowa. Instead, I have sent this blog link to my Bible study (a group of young moms), other friends, and my sister. I know some of them have followed your blog, and we've all been praying for Avery.

    You are a wonderful writer, and your detailed blog does an incredible job of depicting your journey. I know I have a definitive taste of your struggles and triumphs through your writing. It helps to know these specific things for prayer. You're a super-mom! Love, Becca and Family