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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fever and Neutrapenia

Avery started running a fever Sunday night around 8 pm. The rule at CMH is that 101.5 is considered a fever and requires a call to the Nurse on Call. So naturally at 101 degrees we called....The nurse told us to come in so at 10 pm on Sunday night we were on our way to the ER with a possible admission in our sights. After being seen in the ER and after taking a chest X-ray they decided to admit us. At 2 am we finally had a bed upstairs. After getting her settled and trying to go to sleep, (at 4am) I watched her toss and turn and start to shake. We grabbed the nurse who confirmed that she had spiked another fever - this time 103 degrees and in came the cavalry again. After another hour and a half of antibiotics, tylenol, and a lot of rocking with daddy we finally got her calmed down enough to go to sleep. 5:30 am.

Cultures have been negative so far and the chest x-ray was clear. They can hear some faint crackling in her chest and today her nose began to run. They are treating her for pneumonia although she hasn't technically been diagnosed. She has 2 antibiotics running now and the plan is to stay another night before being discharged tomorrow on oral antibiotics. You all know where this road leads....C Diff -- so I assume next week when we come back in for her next round of Chemo we will be in Isolation again - our favorite. We are in isolation right now since we were at another hospital recently and they can't test her for VRE. Erring on the side of caution - we are in isolation, of course.

She was feeling much better yesterday after waking up at 9 am and then again today. They can't quite pinpoint the cause for the fever at this stage, so they just treat her with antibiotics. Her counts are still at 0 and last night they transfused her platelets as they were getting rather low. Hopefully we are working our way up now and the next few days will raise her counts. All in all she has been having some fun as Nana & GJ are here, as well as Aunt Aubrie.

Jeremy and I are hanging in there...sleeping on the little bench like before, proves that we are indeed too old. But we manage. Thanks for the continued support everyone....once again Avery is such a fighter, small bump in a long road, but one that she handled with grace and ease.


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