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Sunday, October 31, 2010

At it again....

As if we weren't having enough fun already.... Avery came down with another fever last night so once again we packed it all up and headed back to Childrens Mercy. This time we were able to go right up to 4 Henson instead of hanging out for 5 hours in the ER. Much better than last time. She is of course in isolation again...don't even get me started. I've decided she is destined to be a loner that plays with adults only -- good thing I am total riot most of the time.

She had a fever last night when we came in of 101 degrees and they gave her tylenol -- that lasted for a couple of hours and it slowly crept up again. She had a rough night as we suspect her tummy was giving her troubles. She spent a good majority of the night whining to herself and waking up, only to be consoled by daddy--- standing up.... he he he. She wanted nothing to do with me but of course wouldn't let daddy sit down in the chair either - figured that makes up for not wanting mommy. None of us got much sleep and 7 am came way too fast. She has had a low grade fever this am but seems to now have gotten rid of it for now.

Nothing has come back in the cultures yet so more of the same. Dr's say they don't expect much to show up and plan to finish antibiotics and kick us out after 48 hours of negative cultures. The good news is that her Hemoglobin and Platelets dropped dramatically and she was in need of transfusions last night so they got her all hooked up. (hmglbn - 7.0 and Plts 26)

Her hair is an absolute riot at this point. When it starts to fall out it tends to dry out and stand up a lot....and this time we actually have hair to stand up! It is the worst case of bed head I've ever seen -- of course making us laugh. It's dropping quickly and I suspect will be all but gone by next weekend. It's a good thing she looks good bald. Very annoyed we just bought a brush for her on Wednesday -- well at least it will come in handy when it grows back in.

Halloween is somewhat defunct for us as she is in isolation and can't participate in anything at the hospital. Good news is out of all the things I forgot to pack last night -- the Tinkerbelle outfit was not one of them! So, we'll snap some pics this afternoon and get them posted for all to enjoy. We are bummed she is going to miss out on the Trick or Treating cause I think she would have really loved that. Jersey has also lucked out as I am not home to put on her tutu and wings for the kids tonight.

We are doing fine...plenty of food -- as Nana is baking our dinners at the house and bringing them up for us to enjoy. I will say the bed here at CMH is much more comfortable than the couch/benches at St Jude...even if I have to share it with Jeremy.

Avery is content to play with the toy microwave I found in the play room and pretend to eat the fake food. She also finds watching the pigeons on the ledge highly amusing, even if they are sitting among their own feces and a dead buddy. Ugh. Once again, no mat to play on - but making due with the bench.

Jenn & Jeremy


  1. Can't wait to see her in her costume and hope you guys get home soon! We would love to come visit when it is safe to have visitors. Just let us know!

  2. I am sorry to hear that Avery Anne has a fever again. She is such a little fighter. I am glad that Jeremy could comfort her even if he had to stand up but my you kids sure need a break on the sleeping. Keeping you all in my prayers. Lots of love..Auntie Lorianne