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Friday, October 8, 2010

Avery's counts were surprisingly good this week. ANC was at 1620 - which is almost 300 points above last week. We are very happy about that as we totally expected them to drop lower. Her hemoglobin has dropped significantly although she won't get a transfusion until she hits 8 and she is at 9.6 right now. Platelets are also low - 240k and they are normally above 300 for her.

We are hanging low this weekend as we prepare for our trip next week. The plan is to leave after work on Monday night and drive to Memphis. We won't arrive until after midnight, so it will b e a long day. Our first appt on Tuesday is at 7:30 am and the MRI/Spinal Tap aren't until Wed afternoon. Results will most likely be given on Thursday morning. We will try to post as soon as we have the "All Clear" message.

For now, keep her in your prayers. We are very anxious about this trip and could use all the positive thoughts you all can muster!


Jenn & Jeremy

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