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Monday, June 14, 2010

Week 2 Begins

Week 2 started today with no concerns. Avery's counts went back up and are hovering in the 800-900 range as they were before. The 4th round really does a number on the kids and her body is having a tough time recuperating...course you wouldn't know it from the looks of her! She has another black eye, compliments of her glasses and a good brush with the floor. Today she also got herself a nice bloody lip from a similar incident. Whoops!

Therapy is going well. I only wish her walker was here already so we could work with her at home each day. She really enjoys the walker and walking in general....definitely motivated to move! Today we climbed through the tunnel and of course she was smart enough to climb all the way to the end and promptly turn around to go back again! She loved it.

One of her new favorite things to do is walk her baby in her stroller and give everyone kisses. She is learning to point out the babies parts....eyes, nose, ears. And she likes to sing the Beach Boys Barbara Ann....gets the "bob bob bob" part going really well. She's also taken to smooching the phone when daddy calls -- I think she knows its him the moment I answer.

We had a good weekend with Steph and Pam Rosacker. They took us out for a really nice dinner and we ate till our bellies burst! We also drove down to St Augustine and saw the sights. The oldest city in the US was very interesting but in 98 degree weather -- we didn't last long. Man Florida is HOT! Angie arrived late last night and we plan to make a fun week of crafts and chatting.


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  1. Avery looks wonderful in this picture!...She looks like she is getting ready to run!!
    Her smile is so cute!
    It's so great to hear and see that her therapies are going well!