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Thursday, June 24, 2010

My BF Harper Visits!

Avery had an absolute blast hanging out with her buddie Harper this week. She loved trying to keep up with him and the two of them were throwing out hugs and kisses like it was their day job! We took them both to the beach yesterday and let me tell you -- 3rd time is a charm. Miss Avery was ticked off every time I would pick her up and bring her back to the blanket. She literally spent all afternoon crawling in the sand by the water and threw literal temper tantrums every time I picked her up. Now we want a port so she can get wet. Goodness!

Things are still going well in radiation -- no noticeable rashes or skin irritations so that makes things a little easier. Aunt Nikki, Nana Lori and Harper were here for a few days and we really had a nice time hangning out with them. She really needs the kiddo interaction -- her response to them is amazing. In just a bit we are off to pick up Aunt Lindsay and she will hang out with us for the weekend. Tomorrow is the last day of week 3 -- only 3 more to go followed by 1 week at St Judes....home is so close.

I will be switching spots with Jeremy for 2 weeks after the 4th of July. Trying to get myself back together after being away for so long. It will help the transition when we do make it back to KC. I am looking forward to the familiarity of home and the promise of normalacy, but I shudder to think I will sleep away from her - even if for only 4 nights. Since this adventure began in December, I have yet to sleep in a separate room from her, let alone different state. My anxiety grows each time I think of it. I guess I'll do my best to keep it under control and then let Tylenol PM take care of the rest! I am also very anxious to have the rest of our family home....the poor dogs are so confused, although having a great time with their perspective foster families.

It seems like we are so close to being done, but then we are reminded that this first part -- chemo and radiation are merely the stepping stones to years of treatment. Her Oral Chemo will start at the end of July and continue through next February. The boob tube will stay in place until next May....all reminders of the long road still ahead. Good thing my munchkin is such a trooper!

Thank you to everyone for your continued thoughts and prayers....we love you all~


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  1. We are always thinking of you and can't wait to see you guys!