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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Counts Dropped

Day one of Radiation went well....she was a trooper of course and woke up fairly happy and ready to play. She had OT and PT at the new clinic and used the walker for the first time. She absolutely loves it and we can't wait for hers to come in so we can work on walking more and more. She had another radiation session today and it went just as smoothly. Her recovery time was short and she was back to her normal self by 1 pm. We found out some rather annoying news though....her counts have dropped to below 500 -- neutropenic levels which means we are on high alert germ patrol and apartment lockdown again. We really had hoped we wouldn't have to do this again, but unfortunately that last round just hit her hard and she is having trouble bouncing back. Her platelets and hemoglobin are doing great, but the anc (white blood cells) is just not what it should be. We will meet with Dr Bradfield tomorrow to discuss her counts and options (if there are any) for helping her increase the reproduction of cells. Most likely this will be a wait and see kind of thing. We are really bummed as we had hoped to go meet our friends at Paychex here in Jacksonville this week and will have to post pone that visit until she is ok to be around crowds.

Luckily we were able to have some fun this weekend with Aunt Patty....she of coursed spoiled Avery rotten and we had lots of fun! Avery absolutely loves her new Tinkerbelle chair....just like Daddy and his recliner! She spends hours climbing in and out of it. It's a riot. Aunt Jill and buddy Carter arrived yesterday and are entertaining us for a few days. Carter is only 4 months old and was born exactly a year and a day after Avery -- Jan 22nd -- which we think is really neat. Avery is amazed by Carter and spends her time leaning over his chair staring at him and then of course climbing in his chair when he isn't around. It's really cute.

Well better get back to the laundry....poor Carter has acid reflux and urps a lot!!


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