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Monday, December 12, 2011

Next Step Started

I apologize for the delay in news...last week we were waiting for our team at St Jude to give us more direction on what we need to do next.  Unfortunately, once we got that direction I ran out of time to actually update you all.  As most of you can guess, we decided to go ahead and do another round of this chemo regimen.  So Tuesday we started the round and spent the last 5 days in the clinic getting meds.  So far so good.  Avery's appetite is still up and although the runny poo has started we are no where near where we were last round.  We are really hoping that the last round was compounded by the addition of a virus and that this round will look more like the first. 

Avery is in great spirits and in love with the puppies.  She is talking up a storm and putting 3-4 words together to  make sentences.  We can't believe how much she is talking in the last month.  Her favorite thing to say is "I Need...." so whatever she wants becomes " I NEED A COOKIE".   Course who can resist when someone tells you they need it? 

Christmas is fast approaching and we looking forward to celebrating another year with family and friends.  Avery is in for a treat as Daddy couldn't resist the Barbie Jeep and its opening and closing doors.  She loves to play in the car -- ok no one turn us in for that -- but the kid loves sitting in the front seat and playing with the dials.  We found out very quickly that she also knows how to open the doors - locked or not.  So the Barbie Jeep should replace the need to play in mommy's car.  It has doors that open and shut which should entertain her more than anything. 

As for the next round...not sure.  We will once again talk to our team in Memphis to see what our next move is.  For now - TAKE THAT cAncer!


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  1. Avery, Jenn, & Jeremy;
    This grandma is back to wish you all the very best for a Happy Holiday and a Wonderful New Year. Am praying for you all. You are all so brave and deserve great things to come your way. You are in my thoughts and prayers always.
    Hugs to you all.