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Friday, December 2, 2011

Heaven Earned an Amazing Angel this week...

One of Avery's biggest the champions has now become her Gaurdian Angel in Heaven.  Gerry passed away on Wednesday after a year long fight with the same monster that Avery has been battling.  During his fight, he held close to the fact that a small thing like Avery could fight this beast without batting an eyelash.  He was inspired by her strength and found courage in her determination.  As a result, he reminded us again why we are still battling this cancer and why so many of you believe in her.  

Avery's MRI was scheduled yesterday morning but due to a scheduling error we were postponed until this morning.  I found out that Gerry had passed just as we got to the hospital yesterday.  I honestly think it was the only reason I didn't light someone on fire for messing up the schedule.  As we left Jeremy and I were talking and we decided that maybe this was a good thing.  It gave Gerry a chance to talk up Avery to Him and for the rest of us to get some last minute prayers in.

Turns out Gerry is just as charismatic in Heaven as he was here on Earth...and us procrastinators got our extra prayers in...and it worked.  Avery's tumors were noticeably smaller, although all were still present and accounted for.  There doesn't appear to be any new tumors, which is a huge relief and her spinal fluid is showing no signs of cells -- although that's a fluke since it only takes a sampling.  What this means for us, we aren't positive yet.  We'll be discussing our options with the Dr's at St Jude and here before moving forward with any treatment.  Once we have figured out what that looks like, I will let you all know.  

forever grateful for our new Angel in Heaven...and all of our prayer warriors...

Jenn & Jeremy


  1. Our family is overjoyed with this news! Perhaps the appeal I filed has been granted! I hope you can celebrate this victory over the weekend! We know you aren't there yet, but this is awesome news. Love from Omaha!

    Jen, Kevin, Michaela and Grant

  2. Avery continues to defy the odds and amaze us! She has been in our prayers every single night. We love you and send big hugs.
    Love Amanda and Q

  3. This is still good news...a step at the very least! Avery is definitely not alone in this journey and I will continue thinking and praying for Avery that she wins this battle. God Bless you Avery, Peace be with you Gerry...

  4. God is good. God is great. Keep the faith and praying for a miracle. God bless and keep Gerry by his side. Love Auntie Lori and Uncle Bob, Maple Jo & Blackjack ((Hugs))

  5. I am continually amazed by your posts and the strength of your family and your amazing little girl. May your friend Gerry finally be at peace. God is good! Keep up the fight.

    Praying for you from AZ.