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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Due Date

Yesterday was Jude's due date....the day we should have been celebrating 10 months of uncomfortableness rewarded by one beautiful, bouncing baby boy.  Instead we celebrated one more Saturday with Avery.  One we appreciate having more than anything. 

We celebrated Christmas with Nana and GJ yesterday and they brought down Great Grandpa Johnson too!  We had a great dinner and lots of fun watching Avery open some of her presents.  She has made it through this round with very little problems and we are so relieved.  Her counts have definitely fallen a lot lower than they did the first 2 rounds so we'll be more restricted this month and next.  Her hemoglobin was pretty low last week and although it wasn't low enough to warrant a transfusion, we are thinking when we go for labs and chemo on Tuesday we will probably be close.  She has been rather tired and whiny today and those are usually great indicators of low hemoglobin. 

A special thank you to all of those that have been so generous to us this year, especially during this time of year.  We have been touched by so many of you that have put our family in your prayers and offered up extra support to make sure that we have an absolutely perfect Christmas.  Avery will want for nothing for sure, and Jeremy and I were even able to give each other some nice things without feeling guilty.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts...


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  1. Avery and family,
    I've followed your story almost from the beginning and I am so inspired by you. I've been a supporter of St. Jude for two years, but this year I've bumped my contributions up 100%. I want to help families just like yours as much as possible. May God bless you and heal you all.