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Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Chemo

Avery started the new chemo on Wednesday of last week.  We go everyday for 5 days in a row so tomorrow will be day 5.  We've spent the afternoons at Childrens Mercy getting a drug called Irenotecan.  It runs over about 90 minutes and so far hasn't seem to set her back at all.  We did have a rather uncomfortable bout with constipation yesterday.  Poor thing was miserable.  Luckily this drug causes the we've switched gears today and will now be dealing with the free flow fun that accompanies such things.  Hair loss is a likely possibility, as is nausea.  We will alleviate that with some meds so hopefully we won't have too many issues.  The plan is to do 2 rounds of this protocol followed by an MRI the first week of December.  At best, this keeps the tumors the same size and buys us some time.

Jeremy and I are doing the best we can.  Savoring every moment we can and trying to collect the memories of everyday life.  Some days are harder than others....sometimes we don't succeed at living the day like we should.  But we try and at this point that's about all anyone can expect from us.  We are both in agreement about what our next steps are in this journey though and that makes things a little easier to deal with.   The rest of the time we rely on Avery and her sassy little personality to put us back in our places.

We appreciate all of the kind words and support as we continue down this crappy path. 



  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with you every day. You are such brave people. I don't know how you keep going. We are here for you if there is anything you need. I only wish we lived closer.\

  2. Even though we have never met, I think of you all multiple times a day and always send prayers. Too many of my friends are dealing with cancer issues. Do your best and love that little girl and each other. Please let her know the prayer angels are at work.

  3. I can hardly believe what I read as I keep up with Avery's story. You all have suffered so much, and I am filled with sadness for you. My prayers, my love, and my hope are reaching out. You, Jeremy, and Avery inspire people every day. You are walking paths of the unknown, fighting a war against villains, and living the lives of heroes.

  4. I am a friend of Amber Cameron's and have been following your blog for quite some day and praying for you all. Its more than any family should have to endure. Just know that your continued fight is encouraging to others and people you don't even know or met think and pray for you.