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Monday, October 17, 2011

2 months

It's hard to believe that its been 2 months since we whispered our goodbyes to our baby boy.  Time sure flies when you are wrapped up in the other crappy situation you seem to have been handed.  On Sunday, Jeremy and I went to a service the hospital had for families that have lost infants.  It was a nice service and a much needed reminder for us that we have not given ourselves the time to grieve for Jude the way we should have.  While it appears we may not be able to do that quite yet, it will happen at some point.

In the mean time we continue to pray for a miracle for Avery, for a an easy round on this chemo and for no fevers before we go to Disney.



  1. Jenn - I haven't met you, but I'm a friend of Lori's and she shared your blog and your story with me. I pray for you every day. For strength, for a miracle and for the moments of joy that I imagine are near difficult to find these days. Lean on the Lord. And your friends. I'll continue to pray for you, Jeremy, precious Avery and for Jude.
    God Bless,

  2. What precious baby toes!!! Sweet Jude........

  3. Sweet Sweet baby Jude.....Precious

  4. thanks for sharing your journey, as crappy as it has been. i heard about your story through alpha chi alums at ksu. i am praying for you. know that God is bigger than all of this, and loves your family even when it doesn't seem like it.
    caroline helmers

  5. Thank you for sharing the photo of beautiful little Jude. He was my first great grand nephew and I will alway remember him with love and prayers...I am glad that you recognize that you both need time to grieve his death. Praying for Avery's mircle. Love, Auntie Lori and Uncle Bob
    MapleJo and BlackJack in Minnesota

  6. Jenn I am Brandi's Mom Landon and Addysons grandma, Brandi keeps me updated but i wanted you to know that i PRAY for a miracle for Avery and your family every night. My nephew who is 50 is going through cancer treatment as well. what a horrible disease this is. My thought and prayers are with you, I often thank God you have your faith as you post because without it what a horrible journey this would be loosing your son and carrying on with "Avery's treatment. As a grandma my heart goes out to your Mom and other grandparents of Averys this would be an unbearable experience for me and watching your Mom at Avery's special day which I was at, I was amazed at the strength you all have. God bless you and know that I am praying for a miracle everyday if it is His will. love you to all, Steph

  7. The journey you are on is so difficult to imagine. I pray constantly for a miracle for Avery. I know at times it feels like God is not with you but he always walks hand in hand with all of you. We love you and keep everyone in our prayers.
    Love, Aunt Patty and Uncle Scott

  8. Hi - My daughter covered your story when you visited KU this week for St. Jude Hospital. She was the photographer. You touched her heart and she called to share your story with us. We can't begin to imagine your pain, but we can admire your courage and strength. You have our prayers.

    Alan and Beth Davis - Wichita, Kansas