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Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 1 St Jude Oct 2011

Our first day at St Jude was pretty busy but not what we had expected.  They rearranged our schedule prior to our arrival so when we checked in at 7:30 am we found out they had changed our MRI to Tuesday and instead we had her hearing test this morning.  PT and OT were both canceled and moved to Wednesday so we'll be here a little later than we thought on Wednesday.  Her hearing test proved good.  No changes in her hearing.  We also met with the Eye Dr and will be picking out a new pair of glasses again.  They are strengthening her prescription again to help with that turning eye. 

We were able to spend a little time with our friend Belle and her mom Kelley tonight.  We haven't seen them since April when we were here last and it was really good to see some friends.  Belle is doing well and is going through the spinal/cranial radiation.  We had dinner at the Target House and met a new family whose daughter has Medulloblastoma and is currently on a protocol here.  It's strange to be the "tenured" family offering up advice and things to ask, but sure enough that is where we found ourselves.  As we walked in this morning there was a family checking in for the first time.  I couldn't help but think back to 21 months ago when it was us checking in -- desperate to be in a place that knew what to to, but scared to death about what lay ahead.  It seems so long ago, but at the same time just yesterday.

Jeremy and I are doing ok.  We are of course anxious about getting results, but at the same time very aware of what those results may mean.  We can't change God's plan.  We can only hope to someday understand it.  It may take the next 80 years for us to figure out why we've been chosen to walk this path and we are trying our best to trust in Him, really we are.  Wednesday has 2 outcomes for us and we are praying hard that we hear the news we didn't hear last October.  Once again we ask for all your prayers that the Dr's in NYC were able to push Avery into remission and that we can start moving forward as a family. 

Jenn & Jeremy

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  1. This grandma is thinking and praying for you, and mom and dad. It is great you got to see your friend, and that you can help others that need your help.