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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Iowa vs Iowa State Game

Jeremy and I have supported the Cyclones for the last 12 years - regardless of their abilities.  The most important game of the season is always the rival game against the Hawkeyes and it brings out the best in our friends here in Kansas City.  We started a tradition 5-6 years ago watching the game at various houses and sporting our red and gold/ black and gold gear.  It's hard to believe that we've been doing this for that long....but I noticed this year that we get better at this coordinating the event.  And the older we get, the better the food becomes...In the beginning it was about the amount of beer and chips that we could muster.  Now, it's about coordinating the meal, making sure the best appetizers are available, and now of course - making sure we've given thought to kids and their entertainment.  Growing up can sure be surprising sometimes...

Avery was consoling our littlest Hawkeye over his triple OT loss to the Cyclones...someday they might be married and this will make a fantastic wedding video picture.

Count Down to Clean Scans....22 days to go...

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