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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Green Boogers

For nearly 20 months now Jeremy and I have managed to avoid the ugly green boogies that so often are found streaming from the nostrils of the uncaring toddler...Today our reign ends.  Avery had a tough night last night that included some congestion, a lot of tossing and turning and a little bit of a fever.  For once, we didn't rush her to the hospital for admitance followed by at least 3 days of antibiotics and a negative blood culture.  We took the street that most of you take every time the boogeis show up.  TYLENOL.

While this was normal for once, something we've been craving for so long...I can't help but feeling a little guilty that I didn't call  Childrens Mercy just to be safe.  Technically she still has a line...which could mean an infection could have gotten in there...and a fever masked by Tylenol is the only symptom for a full blown blood infection.  So, if you get a chance - specific prayers that we made the right call would be great.  Selfish for us and her -- we really didn't want to ensue in the circus of a 1 am phone chase with the nurse on call, followed by an unnecessary admit to the hospital for 3 days, followed by a round of good ol C Diff.  Especially if the only reason she has green boogers is cause we took her to the circus and let her be a normal, germ infested kiddo for one night. 

I'm the only parent in that entire building that didn't leave with a $12 bag of Cotton Candy and a $19 stuffed animal - -don't ask me how, but she said  "no" when asked.  Smart kid...or really Smart Kid and she's choosing the time and place to throw a really really really big tantrum that ends in a really expensive toy?  Good Lord -- I probably just jinxed myself. 


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