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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Just when we start to get comfortable in our new "normal" life, we are thrown back into the reality of the cancer world.  Just because you leave hospitals, you stop chemo, or you finish a treatment - it never means you are fully done with this nasty business of cancer.  We found out yesterday that another baby girl earned her angel wings from our SJCY07 Protocol family.  While we had never met Sophia and her parents in person, we were well aware of the path they were on and the battle they were fighting.  The feeling of safety that being home has provided, came crashing down around me as I read those fateful words. 

Life will never be normal for us again - we know that.  We are thankful every waking moment that our little girl wakes up with a smile on her face and poopy diaper.  That she loves to get herself dressed in weird outfits and won't wear her hearing aides... that she won't eat anything but chips, sweets and mac & cheese...that she works so damn hard to walk, to talk, to move and that if I stick out my lip and pretend to cry, she will give me the best hug in the world so I feel better.  These are the things that may challenge other parents, but to a cancer family, they are the closest thing to normal - and all they want.  Just like that, things could be different.  Losing one of our kids, whether we know them personally or not, hits very hard and very close to home.   Sending us right back into the reality in which we never want to be in. 

So as you pray for Avery tonight, please also keep Sophia's family in your prayers. 

Thank you...


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  1. I am praying for little Sophia and her family. My heart aches thinking about how hard Sophia and her family fought her brain cancer. Find strength in living moment to moment...that is all we really have...we can't change yesterday and tomorrow has not yet been born...thinking of you all. I love Avery's hair!!! So thrilling to see again. Looks a little strawberry blonde.
    Love Auntie Lorianne, Bob, Maple Jo and Blackjack