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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Last Day of Treatment

Today was Avery's last treatment here at Sloan Kettering.  It was a long day, but to our surprise, was filled with some much needed entertainment.  Today was the PROM at Sloan Kettering and all patients, siblings, parents and Nana's were allowed to shop in the playroom for a ball gown, purse, hair piece, make up, nailpolish and corsages.  You name it - they had it.  Avery usually loves the girly stuff but the room must have been a little overwhelming as she was not happy about putting on her dress or looking at the jewelry.  We finally man-handled her into the pink and black itchy garment and scooped up some accessories before heading out to the peace and quiet of the CT scan waiting room.  She managed to calm down about the dress eventually and even started to take an interest in the headband, purse and jewlery we had picked out for her.  After getting her pre meds we went down to the cafeteria where they had set up a "school gymnasium" prom, complete with a buffett line, balloon arch, and DJ.  The kids were absolutely thrilled and although Avery was again overwhelmed to start, she eventually decided it wasn't so bad and took to walking around the dance floor trying to jump up and down like the other kids.  Sadly, she did not take home the toddler tiara (this may have been rigged by the staff who thought her mommy was crazy) but she looked like an absolute princess to us.

After the Prom we went back up stairs to our bed to hang out for a while.  We have officially moved into the obssessive DVD phase, in which she spends hours watching the same movie over and over.  For the last 2 weeks she has been glued to The Little Mermaid.  Apparently she went into complete meltdown last week when Daddy suggested Toy Story.  I have had better luck this week and have actually seen 3-4 other movies, however I have also seen the Little Mermaid at least 13 times since Sunday.  Whatever makes her happy - right?

Tomorrow is a big day of packing up and deciding what to leave behind.  Our flight leaves around 11 am on Thursday and we hope to be home by mid afternoon.  We can't wait!  Then Saturday morning, bright and early we are so excited to see many of you out at the park.  She has been working really hard on her walking these past few weeks and will be showing off her skills.  We sure hope to see everyone there for a fantastic celebration of the absolutely amazing things this brave little girl has done in the last 18 months.  She is so lucky to have the support system that she has and we hope she gets the chance to thank you all in person.  Her hugs make you melt and her toothless smile will make it worth the drive.  See you all Saturday morning ...

Going to Kansas City....Kansas City here I come...they got some crazy little women there and we are going bring one back home!


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  1. Yeah!!! Congratulations and safe travels home!!!