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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Her Teeth again -- Of Course!

Well we finally managed to bust out of the hospital this afternoon after a very long week of isolation. Avery has somehow come down with some gram negative bug that caused her fevers and left her with a blood infection. Luckily the antibiotics she was on starting the moment we walked in the door should have cleared it up. We will continue to take antibiotics via her line for the next 7 days. This of course means we will learn how to use some sort of infusion pump at home and our next dose is due at 3am. Ugh. We've been told this should not interfere with next weeks surgery or chemo, but we'll see what happens.

The 3 of us are about done with the hospital stays and are looking forward to a few days at home. Next Wednesday is coming fast, but we know that this very well could be our last inpatient stay we'll suck it up and paste a smile on our faces and cherish that feeling of it being our last time. The next step of going to NY is going to come fast, but luckily does not require any inpatient stays or icky chemo. She has done so amazing - so incredibly amazing and as I sit here thinking about all the crappy times we've had to endure in the last 14 months- it strikes me that she's had it ten times worse and never complained. To fight this hard and to still be so strong, so brave and so happy - well it just puts our complaints about hospitals and a little lost sleep to shame. Jeremy and I will never be as incredible as Avery is - and boy are we proud to be her parents.

For those of you in Kansas --enjoy your warm weather weekend! For everyone in the North - well, you should think about moving to KC...hehehe.


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