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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard of 2011

As the City prepared to shut down yesterday...Jeremy and I were packing up the car for round 5 of the ICE chemo. I can honestly say I was excited to be going in patient for the first time. What better place to be than in a hospital surrounded by medical personnel, a cafeteria with warm food, and lots of back up generators. I mean really -- we were in the best place possible.

Chemo yesterday and today were uneventful. Like a champ she powers through them and continues to play. Right now she is working hard on typing on the other computer like Mommy, who has been working as much as possible from the hospital room. We are back in one of the Bone Marrow Transplant rooms on 4 henson and it is extremely quiet back here. These are rooms used solely for those kiddos whose immune systems are even more fragile after chemo and they keep them isolated as much as possible. This is completely out of my comfort zone as I like the hustle and bustle and talking to other parents. Jeremy however, is in heaven. Ok, well maybe not heaven, but he likes it quiet.

I sure hope everyone is safe and warm today -- make sure you pack an emergency kit if have to travel - I'm sure the towing services are backed up big time and you'll be in for a wait if you need it! Luckily we have fostered out the dogs again and don't have to worry about them. Digging a path for Jersey to go potty on would have been really annoying to Jeremy after he shovels our driveway and the neighbors (they live in AZ). Drive Safe!!


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