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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Almost There...

We had a pretty low key weekend - and some beautiful weather. Avery was so glad to be home and spent the weekend revisiting all her toys. I am dreading leaving on Wednesday morning again and having to pull her away from them all again. Today she managed to bang up her head pretty good, so Jeremy took her in for labs and ended up getting some platelets. The good news is that the rest of her counts were looking good and we are heading up again. This means we should be cleared for the Port placement and Chemo Round 6 -- the last round.

We are anxious to get this week over with and be done with the Chemo. We are ready to move on to something new and something that doesn't drain her so much. We had really hoped to be further along in our therapy, but with the snow, the unexpected fever, and now the last round, we haven't accomplished much. Our goal is to get her walking as soon as we can so she has a little more freedom.

Nana is coming for a visit in 2 weeks and we can't wait for that! Then after she leaves we will head down to Memphis for another set of scans and tests. Then after that we will go to New York to start our next clinical trial at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Avery will be participating in a Phase II study that takes mouse antibody that attaches itself to cancer cells and injects them with radioactive iodine. When the antibody attaches to the cells - it penetrates with the radioactive iodine, killing the cell. The hope is that this will find those lingering cells that the chemo hasn't killed and kill them. If we can successfully do this - Avery will go into remission. The Dr's didn't think this was an option for her last October. We knew better and have proven it. The prayers and well wishes are still needed, so keep them coming, but keep in mind - they've been working!


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  1. Great news! So glad the chemo treatments are almost over :) Praying for Avery everyday!