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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Team Avery Bonfire & round 2 of ICE Chemo

Avery completed her 2nd round of the ICE chemo treatment today. She did excellent as usual and we experienced no puking or complications. Her counts are stable for now but we expect them to drop hard and fast in the next few days. This round we plan to avoid fevers and any additional stints in the hospital as we are still in isolation and you know how we love that.

We had a lot of visitors this weekend and that helped greatly in passing time. Thursday Chance and Angie Mander came to spend the day with us. We finger painted and played all afternoon! Both kids were out like lights early! Then Aunt Angie arrived and we spent all day Friday playing with her and working on Team Avery Keychains. Then Aunt Nikki and Harper came to play. Daddy and Grandma Lippold came later and then so did all the Manders again. Once more we had a tired little girl on our hands who promptly crashed. Saturday we visited with Angie, Nikki and Harper again and then our friends from Des Moines, Megan & Missy came and brought lots of yummy snacks.

Last night Grandma stayed with Avery while Jeremy and I and all our friends went out to a friend's house for a BBQ and Bonfire. It was a fantastic time and it was so nice to see everyone out and in a more entertaining atmosphere. We really needed some away - normal - time and that was a great evening for it. We are so appreciative to Tiffany and Mitchell Dooley and all of their family for putting on such a fabulous evening. And thank you to all of you that were able to make it. The Team Avery T shirts and KeyChains were a hit and they will be at the event next weekend as well in case you are interested.

This week we plan to work hard on our words and our walking as we didn't get a whole lot of practice while we were in the hospital. Before it gets much colder we need to get as much exercise in as we can! Heard about the snow in IA and MN -- warm wishes are being sent from the warmer climate here in KC. Although secretly I can't wait for us to get some snow as Avery will love it!

Just a reminder to all -- if you can join us next Saturday morning, please do! Avery's Amazing Day begins at 8am with a pancake breakfast and lasts until noon. There should be plenty of activities for everyone and we'd really like to see you all. Avery plans to have the time of her life with all her friends!


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