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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Post Lumbar Puncture

Avery had her lumbar puncture/spinal tap this morning. Her and I went in bright and early by ourselves as daddy has some sort of bug and wasn't able to come. The procedure went fine -- poked her twice. They semi-sedated her which really just means they gave her meds to make her loopy. In no way did this stop her from moving and they actually pushed a little more half way through with the hopes that is would settle her a bit. Good news is that it appeared to have no more affect than the previous dose and she continued to wiggle and talk to me the whole time. It took me and a nurse to hold her down as she apparently was not interested in laying on her side for the Dr. With numbing cream and her good drugs, she was fine - just wanted to play. We had a good giggle over her intoxicated state and she smiled at us from ear to ear the whole time. All in all - I very simple procedure.

No idea when we will get results of the lumbar puncture - tomorrow at the latest but hopefully today. As the Nurse Practicioner stated "we are at the mercy of other people doing their jobs". That made me laugh -- then I asked her if she ever watches Grey's Anatomy -- which of course she doesn't as it is not a realistic view of how hospitals work. Last week's episode featured the residents on call at night....similar to the way things work at CMH. In the show, a mom of a young boy starts rattling off symptoms for her son and asked the resident to call the attending dr. She does and the attending has to come in. They determine the child has gas and he leaves, however the mom is not satisfied (apparently she is a nurse at another hospital). So she simply calls the Chief of the hospital and drags him out of bed. Needless to say -- Poop hit the fan! I died laughing and told our Nurse Practitioner they better hope I don't get a hold of Childrens Mercy's Chief or there could be a whole lot of drama!! giggle giggle...

Better get back to de-germing my house from Jeremy's bug. Once it gets one of gets us all...and we have a date with some Chemo this week so we need to be healthy and ready. Otherwise poor Aunt Nikki might be spending her weekend in isolation with Miss Avery while mom and dad recoup!


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  1. Hey my lil sunshine!!Hope you and mommy dont get ur daddy's bug.Thinking and praying for you sweetie!!Love and hugs from your family in florida!!!