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Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's already started.....

It's official....they are opening an American Girl store in the Oak Park Mall near our house and I was afraid of how much money we were going to be spending as Avery gets more and more into dolls. I thought I had at least another year or two before she was begging for one. Well, today her first one arrived! Itty Bitty Baby and her backpack of accecories came in the mail today from the very sweet Kregels! Avery is in l-o-v-e with her itty bitty baby. The eyes open and close and she has a blanket and bottle -- the whole 9 yards....even outfits! It was adorable to see her open the box. Now we just need a name!

She had a rough day today. Doesn't seem to want to eat at all and was tired. She has also either adopted an attitude as a fast approaching 2 year old, or isn't feeling as hot and as a result is not her sweet self. Either way, she's a bit out of sorts. The good news is that her counts are up still -- sitting roughly at 1300 which will make our visit to IA much safer this weekend. We are really excited to see our Iowa Team Avery and can't wait to give all kinds of kisses and thank you's! We are also excited for Monday's parade as Avery has been named Hoo Doo Days Princess 2010...this means a ride in the parade and lots of waves for everyone.

We've figured out a way to get the Chemo down this month, although sadly it resembles the same method I mentioned in an earlier that I mostly do for our furry children. Oh well --- 2 fruit snacks at 7:30 am each day really shouldn't be that big of a deal...right? We talked with our friends, the Parkers tonight and we are looking forward to next month when we get to see them again in Memphis. We've managed to coordinate schedules to be there the same time as them and that makes things just a little bit better. The anxiety that accompanies a parent as they wait for those scan results is gut wrenching. It's nice to be able to share it with someone who really knows the same feeling. On that note, Megan Parker is doing good and is starting preschool here soon. This is fantastic as she will be able to work on her PT/OT while there as well.

Well I better get back to the Itty Bitty -- we are working on putting baby to sleep now. We've mastered hugs & kisses and feeding baby already. Oh and Go Cyclones!

Can't wait to see Underwood/Neola/Minden/McClellan/Council Bluffs people this weekend!!



  1. Dear Avery,
    I am so glad you love the baby. Have a great weekend in Iowa.
    The Kregels

  2. Hey Jenn-
    Adorable Pic. Avery definately looks like a fast approaching two year-old chillin' in her chair with her doll! But unfortunately Yes- approaching two is usually accompanied with a new found Attitude! Arden got the same doll for Christmas -the doll & backpack are very cute! As a name suggestion Arden took to just calling her doll's a pretty easy word/syllables for a child learning to talk.
    Have a Great Weekend in Iowa!
    PS. two fruit snacks in the morning is nothing!