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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

End of Round 2

Friday marks the end of round 2 for Avery's maintenance chemo. We will start round 3 that day and be back on the 2 chemo drugs that so nicely dropped her counts last month. We are hoping she has built up enough to last the month and stay above 500 as we have some major plans for Halloween that include costumes, candy and other kiddos!

Avery is working hard on her walking and standing but we seem to be at a stand still in terms of physical momentum. The great news is that the girl is turning into one smart cookie! She loves her songs and actions and has a great time pointing to Daddy's truck, Jersey Anne and trees. She can pick out a lot of items in a her first word books when I ask her where they are.

Trina, our PT lady in KC brought Avery a new get up today. This walker is able to be hooked up to the Juppy so she can have a little more support. She seems to really like the contraption so we'll see if this doesn't help her even more.

This past weekend we finally met part of the Weber family here in Kansas City. For those of you that don't remember, a few months back we were contacted by this family as they found themselves in a very similar situation. Their daughter Lucy was diagnosed with a brain tumor right before her 1st birthday. She has since had the tumor removed and been receiving treatment here in Kansas City at CMH. Lucy and her family live literally, around the corner from us. This weekend they had a benefit for Lucy up the street and Avery and I stopped up for a bit to say hello. It was great to meet Bev and Lilly and we look forward to spending some time with them all. We miss all of our friends at St Jude and it's nice to have someone here close by that truly understands the experiences we are going through. So for those of you looking for another little girl to add to your prayer lists, please tack on Miss Lucy Weber.

Avery is anxiously anticipating the arrival of the best Nana in the world. Friday Nana will be here to spend the weekend with us girls as Daddy takes some boy time to hunt. Overland Park is having their annual Fall Festival and we are very excited to attend. Last year Avery and I randomly stumbled across this event on a Saturday morning and we loved loved loved it.


Jenn, Jeremy and Avery

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  1. We cant wait to see yall in 2wks at St Judes!!We loVe you Avery!!
    Brandi,Jay,Jade,Megan and Breelynn