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Sunday, September 12, 2010

ISU Game

Avery was extremely bummed yesterday at the Cyclones loss - but still looked cute in her ISU gear! She got to hang out with her buddies Harper and Chance and some of her favorite Aunties as well!

Counts are still at 1300 and holding steady. We are 11 days away from starting round 3 - which means the counts will most likely drop again. The month of October will most likely be spent at home...but as cold and flu season are fast approaching it is probably inevitable anyway.

We went to church again today and for the 2nd time arrived to a teared up munchkin. She seems to be really interested in playing with the other kiddos for a bit but then moves into that anxiety stage of "where is mom & dad?" It's strange to see her do that - but I have to admit it makes us feel pretty good too -- totally selfish I know.

Fall is fast approaching and you can smell it in the air....albeit still 80 degrees here in KC. Soon enough we'll get to enjoy those few weeks of open windows and falling leaves, oh and lots of football and hunting - yea. It's really strange to think that Avery and I skipped the entire winter, spring and summer in KC and are now rounding on the end of the year. Fall always hits with such gusto and chaos as we race towards the finish line of New Years....I have a feeling that these next 3 months are going to fly by so fast and I thank God for that. Before we know it - it will be February and she will be done with treatment and finally able to build herself back up. What a journey - we thank the Lord everyday that we are blessed with all of you in our support circle and that our Avery is the strongest little girl ever. Someday we can only hope to be able to pay it forward with as much passion as we have seen from all of you....thank you.

Jenn & Jeremy

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