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Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanks & Giving

Team Avery at the Kansas City Give Thanks Walk

We hope that everyone had an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! Our last 2 weekends have been spent with some of our greatest friends and family.  It was terrific to catch up with our friends and of course see Nana, GJ and Grandpa Randall, as well as Avery's cousins!    The turn out at the Kansas City St Jude Walk was good and can only improve each year as news of the event grows.  We were so proud to be a part of it and to see the 5 other families from the KC Area that are also patients/were patients at St Jude.  Team Avery was well represented and we are so appreciative of all the people who came out to show their support for Avery.  Our journey is by no means over, and for the next umpteen years we will continue to make trips Memphis for Avery's treatment and medical issues.  We pray daily that the radiation has given us back the gift of time and a future, all the while knowing it has also given us a lot of obstacles and permanent issues that will affect our lives forever.  Things we will gladly take if it means sharing the next 50+ years with Avery.

It's hard to believe that we are coming up on the 3 year anniversary of her diagnosis.  It seems like forever ago and at the same time like just yesterday.  Next week we start taking Emmett to Avery's babysitter from when she was a baby.  I'm excited  because I have this false sense of security that Jeannie knows all and can identify problems before I can since she is the one that urged us to take Avery to the Dr to start with 3 years ago.  It also takes a load off our minds in terms of not having to worry about taking him to a stranger.  Now if I can just master the art of getting 2 kids that can't walk on their own out the door before 7 am...I'll be awesome.

It's terribly sad for me to say it...but I am really excited my baby girl is going to have hair this Christmas...she's still missing her two front teeth  - but man, hair in the middle of winter is AWESOME. As always, this time of year sure flies by...soon enough it will be January 21st and Avery will be 4 years old.  Crazy.  A reminder though, to those who never stop and take it all grateful for today, you just never know what tomorrow could bring.  Cliche?  Yes.  True?  Hell Yes.


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  1. Hello Jenn, it is your doppelganger Jenn! I have never been on a blogspot before so I hope I am doing this right! Wow, do our stories of our heroes Avery mirror each other. I will add your Avery to my prayer list. I pray one day we will be at St. Jude at the same time for follow up. How many months are you guys at? We go every 5 months. I will read back on your posts to learn more, but the last few has such similarities it is crazy. We are bonded together by this awful diagnosis, but us moms have to stick together! Hugs sent your way from WI! God bless, Jenn Evans