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Sunday, September 16, 2012

My New Baby Brother Emmett


  1. These pictures are so beautiful. I especially like the one of the whole family and the last one of Avery Anne feeding Emmett the bottle. I am so very happy for you all! Congratulations Christensen family!! Can't wait to hold Emmett and Avery on your next visit home. Love Auntie Lori and Uncle Bob in Minnesota

  2. So sweet!! Love how Avery has her hand on his head :) she is an awesome big Sis already I'm sure!! I bet she is definitely entertainment for the little guy!! What a beautiful family photo! You look awesome Jenn!! So so happy for you guys & praying he's sleeping through the night! Love ya! Schulze Fam

  3. Welcome Baby Emmett! Love all the pics... so sweet! So happy for you guys! Love ya!