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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

3 Weeks Old, 2nd Week of Preschool

Well it's been 3 weeks already since Baby Emmett arrived and I was worried he wasn't gaining the weight he needed so while at the Pediatrician for Avery's most recent Cath and UTI confirmation on Monday, I asked the nurse to weigh him.  Not to worry people...the chubby cheeks are being fulfilled -- he weighed in at 9 lbs 10 ozs.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  We've obviously outgrown the newborn clothes and are filling out the 0-3 months quite nicely. 

In case you missed that mention above, Avery has yet another UTI.  Urology is in for a treat on Monday when we go for our 3 month appointment.  I called them after our UA was confirmed positive and let them know they had a week to start researching causes and a plan for Avery moving forward.  I don't want to spend our appt talking about the past, I want to move forward.  The last thing in the world this kid needs is to deal with a burning pee pee everyday.  They need to figure out why her reflux is causing repetitive UTI's and fix it but fast.  Psycho mommy has not been around for a while but she will be showing up Monday - guaranteed.

Avery went back to Preschool after yesterday's Dr appt and seems to be warming up to the kids in her class.  She tends to get overwhelmed in crowds...especially when the crowd is filled with friendly, curious 3 year olds!  I think her class is getting used to her walker, hearing aides and braces and she is losing the excitement that made her the center of attention.  Good thing for her as she takes after Dad in this area...

We are very excited for fall's arrival.  So much to do in Kansas City and no scans in October!  I am honestly so thrilled to not be going to St Jude in the month of October.  Even though we have to go back at the beginning of November, the thought of being there in October scares us to no end.  We have big plans for the next month that include football games, fall festivals, the pumpkin patch, and the apple orchard.  In mid November we will also be participating in the Give Thanks Walk out at Legends.  Team Avery is starting to rally up and will be walking on November 17th to show our love for St Jude.  Should you want to join us, look to the right and  click on the "Give Thanks" link.  It's free to register to walk with us, however should you have a few extra dollars to donate to the hospital please do.  St Jude has given us so much -- most importantly time as a family, and we will be forever indebted to them for allowing us whatever time we may get.  November will be here before we know it -- you all know how fast the fall please join us on November 17th. 

Thank you to everyone that ate at Chili's yesterday!  Chili's is a huge supporter of St Jude and has raised millions for the hospital.  Proceeds from yesterday all go to the hospital!


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  1. I just came across your site by chance -- a close family friend's daughter has cancer. I happened to read a bit of your post about your daughter's UTIs. Has your doctor mentioned candidiasis at all to you? People whose immune systems are compromised, by cancer treatment for example, have seriously depleted intestinal flora and an overabundance of yeast, or Candida. One of the unfortunate symptoms of this is UTIs, especially in children. Please do some research on Candidiasis so see if this might be relevant for you. All the best to you, your family, and especially little Avery.