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Thursday, August 23, 2012

MRI Friday

I just dropped Jeremy and Avery off at the airport.  I am sick to my stomach and the test isn't even until Friday morning.  We are hoping to have results on Monday as we all know what happens on Friday afternoons at a hospital...nothing.  Avery will have her thyroid levels checked today and new braces fit for her ankles.  Other than that - today will be a lot of sitting around with Daddy. Not that Avery minds - plenty to do at St Jude if you are feeling well and can be around a few germs.  We are curious to see what her ANC has done over the last 4 weeks without any type of issue to mess with it.  I think we may have finally kicked the UTI cycle. 

I really don't know what to expect. Obviously the worst is always a possibility.  In my head I'm hoping for no change, and a "let's watch these spots" type response.  In my heart, we are believing we can get the all the clear - tumor gone, weird spots gone, no cells present in CSF...go home and see you in 3 months.  So for all of our prayer warriors out there....get to work!

Oh and it would be nice if Emmett would stay put the next 2 days.  After that, fair game.  My cankles are bigger than my thighs at this point -- its not pretty people.


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  1. Thinking about you guys today. I pray for nothing but the very best results for Avery today. Your family has been through so much and I can't wait to ready about the happy ending!!!