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Saturday, February 11, 2012

First Week Done!

I made it to Memphis last night thanks to the Manders!  The drive down is a long one and even worse on your own.  I'm not sure how Jeremy did this every weekend 2 years ago.  The sad part is we arrived last night at 7 pm and we will have to leave tomorrow around noon.  Not nearly enough time for me.

We actually brought the cold with us and it is freezing down here.  We are not excited about that at all. Luckily it appears to be a short lived cold blast that will be replaced by the 60's by mid week.  Avery looks good.  She's been eating well and they managed to bump her up in the schedule so that her sedation is ealier in the day.  That helps us get more food in her for sure.  At some point the eating will not be so good so we are trying to bulk up for when that happens.  Jeremy says she's been very demanding this week.  Honestly -- good for her - she deserves to be.  He's learned that he leaves her bedside when they knock her out and then runs to get her the snack pack and pop tarts that she wants.  She has been adamant about eating Jello and a poptart when she wakes up and is not deviated from the task for any reason.  I think it's funny personally, but he is shocked at how bossy she is being.

Her hair is starting to come in from the Chemo....fuzzy head.  It will fall out shortly but it's nice to see it again.  Other than that, tiredness appears to be the only side affect showing up right not.  Soon enough we'll see more I'm sure but for now its pretty quiet.  She was very excited to eat breakfast this morning and she has so far put down 5 chocoloate pop em doughnuts.  She still appears to be obsessed with the movies and has moved into a Care Bear stage with Sunshine being her favorite.  Luckily I saw this coming and managed to find a 6 disc collection of the Care Bears so she has options.

Today we are going to give the Manders a tour of St Jude, so I will post some pictures later.  I just realized that I really haven't done that before and most of you are probably pretty curious about what this amazing place looks like.  Weekends are pretty quiet in terms of people at the hospital, but we'll get some good shots of this amazing place and where your good money is being sent if you are a Partner in Hope.

Thanks for all the continued support!



  1. Jen,
    I believe I have a Sunshine Care Bear sitting in my son's closet. If so I will get it to my sister so you can pass it on to Avery. I have been holding on to my daughter's Care Bears for some reason and now I know why.

    Tracy Skalberg

    1. Avery, You continue to be in our prayers!! Praying the radiation does it job with minimal side effects. You are one tough girl. I guess in this case the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Your parents are strong people too.