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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2 down 28 to go!

Avery has done well for the first 2 days of radiation. Both days they were slightly delayed in starting due to issues with the kids ahead of her, but she was done by 3 each day. Jeremy said she was really tired today after. As you can imagine, being sedated each day can really wipe you out. She still has enough energy to run from me on FaceTime screaming " you can't get me!". As daddy chases her with the iPod and I yell " I'm going to get you.". It's all rather comical. Tonight she hid behind the corner and promptly counted aloud to ten before coming to find me on the iPod. Who knew she could count to ten? I have a sneaky suspicion she can do a lot more than we have seen...


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  1. So wonderful to have technology to keep in touch! I know Avery has many abilities that have yet to be shared. LOVE, Auntie Lori