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Friday, January 20, 2012

Scans were Stable

It looks like we got the birthday present we were hoping for! Avery's scans showed no progression of tumor growth nor any new lesions. This is fantastic and a huge relief for the moment. We aren't exactly sure what that means for us but after we talk to the drs next week we'll have a better idea of what is next. We are at a point in this journey where the drs are guessing and the decisions are not easy to make. The pressure to choose correctly is unwavering, followed by the immediate anxiety that we chose right. It's not a ride I recommend to anyone. But in the same breath I thank god for the chance to choose again...

Avery's MRI went smoothly....her LP was a little tough. Unfortunately being NPO before an LP doesn't help with fluid in your spine. The dr had to stick her quite a few times before she got any spinal fluid to come out. As a result, she has a sore back now. She milked us for the rest of the afternoon and managed to finagle 2 cake pops and a bag of cool ranch Doritos out of us because of it. Her shunt reprogramming went great and we love the new NP from neuro surgery.

Tomorrow we celebrate my hero's birthday. It's been 3 years already....3 birthdays with this fight...but three we wouldn't trade for anything. If we can take only one thing away from this whole situation we'll take this: PERSPECTIVE. Everything looks just a little better when you get some perspective on it. Think yesterday sucked? It could have been way worse....and for someone else it was...I think about that every time my mind wanders to that place...and it goes there a lot. But tomorrow I'm going to adjust my perspective...because I get to spend the day celebrating my hero's special day.



  1. Have a blessed day celebrating and thank you for teaching us, through your sharing, the importance of perspective. Blessings to you all.

  2. Happy birthday Avery!!hope you have an amazing time and have a lot more birthdays! God bless you! <3

  3. Happy Birthday Avery Anne Christiansen!!!! So thankful for prayers answered!!! Love Great Auntie Lori, Bob and Great Grandpa
    Cubby..MapleJo and Blackjack in Minnesota

  4. Happy Birthday Avery! Looks like someone had a great party and day! I am so pleased to read this blog. I hope and pray the visit with the doctors goes well. I think of Avery everyday with my car key holder. She is never far from my heart!
    Many hugs, Lillian Edwards (friend of Peggy Righter and daughter Jen who walked with them last year and you Jenn for a little while)