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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

It's hard to believe that we've finally left 2011 and are moving into 2012.  For most, the new year offers hope for an improvement, a change, an adventure.  For us it offers only the very real possibilty of a terrible year.  It's hard not to see it that way, standing where we are.  We are hopeful that we will continue to make good decisions in the new year and that they will yield the amazing results we are so desperately seeking.  But we are realistic that this year could prove to be even worse than 2011.  So for now, we step gingerly into the new year - not wanting to make too many waves for fear that someone might notice and we move forward with the unknown.

Thank you to you all that have supported us  - emotionally, spiritually and financially.  Each is so very important to the survival of this family and it is a debt we will never be able to pay back.  For all your generousity in 2010, 2011 and for the yet to come....we thank you from the bottom of our butts....they are much bigger. : )



  1. Happy New Year to You too. May your year be filled with positive things and happings. She is so happy in her pictures. I know the two of you give her a lot to smile about.In our thoughts and Prayers.
    God Bless


  2. What a beautiful, smart, fun girl Avery is! Your love and care is evident and awesome. So great to see Avery and Jeremy over the holidays. Love, hugs and prayers.

  3. Avery Anne and you all are always in our hearts and prayers. I can see it in Avery's eyes how hard she is fighting. God is with you
    always and forever....
    ((Hug)) Love Auntie Lori and Uncle Bob

  4. we sincerly wish your family the best of luck through out this year.Avery seems like such a bright shining star from the few photos i have seen her light is shining bright. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.