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Thursday, July 28, 2011

More Hotness in KC

The heat wave continues and  we attempt to stay cool by being's even too hot to go swimming!  But Avery has found lots of entertainment inside with Miss Taylor.  Today she enjoyed some fun at Monkey Business and last Friday she spent some time with her buddy Cooper at the train restaurant. 

Uncle Rob is coming to see us this weekend and we'll find something fun to keep us busy.  Avery continues to improve each week in both her speech and her physical strength.  Yesterday she stood up by herself, of course while I wasn't paying attention.  Jeremy witnessed it and the moment he called for me she sat down again.  We are so excited to see her gaining some of that control.  We are a long way from walking for sure, but if we could stand up on our own that would be fantastic! 

Other than that, we have been pretty boring...just the way we like it. 



  1. Wow! She really looks like Jeremy in that pic!

  2. I was so very happy that Avery got to come out a play for the day with us on Cooper's birthday!! She loved it and Cooper LOVED having her at the "choo-choo" resturant with him.