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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Family Weekend

Thanks to his buddies, this past weekend Jeremy was able to participate in the Richard Petty Racing Experience...which basically puts your typical dad behind the wheel of a very expensive race car and allows him to go 120 mph while his wife frantically takes pictures and prays he doesn't wreck.  Luckily, Daddy had his brave little girl cheering him on and the car and mommy both survived the experience unscathed.

The rest of the weekend was spent a little more low key...we did a little sewing, played with our dolls and tried to find mom some chubby clothes for the summer months...none of which were needed the first go round when month 4 was merely a tightening waistband.  We have moved way past that point in this pregnancy and as a result were in need of the chubby shorts and capris to survive the summer.  By the way - uh over this 99 degrees thing entirely...I don't seem to have much pull in the "make my life easier" dept, so if any of you do....a 10-15 degree drop in temp would be much appreciated.

This coming weekend we are excited to see some more visitors and friends and even meet a new buddy.  Spencer showed up in May and we've been anxiously awaiting his arrival.  Avery loves babies and I am a little concerned that she may be in the fight for who gets to hold him next. And honestly who wins when they are competing with the cuteness of a short-haired, blue glasses beauty such as this?  Really ladies...I apologize in advance that she may be hogging the baby this weekend.

I am happy to report that Avery has officially said the word "momma".  Don't get excited people.  She repeats it over and over and over for no rhyme or reason and doesn't associate it with me at all.  "DA" is still produced when asked who I am.  However, the plus side is that we now know she can say it!  Now just making her understand that she only says it for me.....easier said than done.

Please keep some friends in your prayers this week...Natalie was just diagnosed with the same brain tumor as Avery.  She is at the very beginning of her battle and doing well, but needs all the prayers we can muster....Also keep Mary in your thoughts as she goes in for surgery on Monday.  Mary works with me and was just recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer.   Joining this cancer world is a tough transition from everyday life and we hope that others can have the same support system that we've been lucky enough to have.  On on high note-- our buddy Quentin has had great results on his most recent MRI and they are reportedly moving on to the next stages of treatment with no concerns.  Its been a long, hard road for Q and his parents - Stem Cell Rescue is an amazingly tough treatment to come through.  He is a true fighter in every sense of the word and we are so proud of him! 


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  1. I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you and your family. I received a reminder today in the mail in fact! With mail from St. Jude, the letter had Avery's picture on it!