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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Good Day Of Treatment!

Avery did fantastic with her treatment on Tuesday! It was a long day but she did not get sick once. We can only hope that the rest go the same. As many problems that we have had I really think the Doctors here do want Avery to get the best care. They explained how the day was going to go and executed it nicely. I think Jenn has trained them well! Between St. Jude, KC, and Sloan we have some of the top Doctors in the country taking care of Avery and we have high hopes for her cure.
She continues to amaze me everyday with her strength. As soon as I think she has had enough she bounces back even stronger. I can't wait for her to show off some of that strength at the walk. We want to thank everyone for the work putting together the walk, the cards, packages, and most of all your prayers. Hope to see you on June 4th!


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  1. Hi Jenn and Jeremy and Avery Anne! So thrilled to hear that the chemo is going well. Avery is a fighter that is for sure. Saw Jersey Anne at Grandpa Johnson's yesterday. She is taking good care of Grandpa. I hope your walk is fun to everyone! Auntie Lori