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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Round 3 - ICE

Avery has completed day 3 of this round and so far so good. She handles this chemo extremely well and we've had no puking. We did discover however that she has a little bit of an ear infection so they have put her on the Amoxocillan. Good news is that this doesn't stop us from going home unless we spike a fever. So far - no fevers.

We had lots of visitors today which always keeps us to entertained. We are of course in isolation, so attempting to humor a toddler in a room all day becomes a difficult task and I appreciate the help, especially when it comes from other 2 year olds!

Nana was a huge help today in teaching us naughty things. She first showed Avery how to put her balls on top of the crib isolet and hit them in the air like popcorn. She hooted and howled hysterically over this game -- so much we had to record it. Then after that she taught her to sit on her IV pole and ride around and they taught her to stand on it while she was pushed. Needless to say she threw a fit when Nana decided she was done and Avery apparently was not. Good one Nana -- that will never cause a problem for us!

Mom goes back to MN -- and 10 inches of new fallen snow tomorrow. We are sad to see her go but lucky for us she will be back with the troops next weekend. We are celebrating Christmas with my family next weekend and will have a packed house. Looking forward to watching her open gifts and play with all her new toys. It's hard to believe that we started this long journey almost a year ago. Somedays it feels like yesterday we were waiting for them to finish her brain surgery....other days it feels like we've been at it for years. Luckily we have all of you to help us move forward and to continue with this fight.


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  1. Congratulations on the negative results!!! Enjoy your family Christmas and this time with Avery. I completely understand the feeling like you have been on this journey for years and yet remembering like yesterday what life was like before cancer. Always remember you are not alone on this journey. God's Blessing to you all!